Code of Conduct/Ethics Spring Lake Department of Recreation & Parks

Spring Lake Recreation activities are made available to youth and adults to enjoy fun and wholesome recreational programming that teaches character and sportsmanship.  We support the belief that all recreational programming and experiences should be positive and safe with sportsmanship and enjoyment the primary goal.  To achieve this goal, we strive to provide a safe environment for participants of these programs and to protect them from harm to the best of our ability.  To that end, all participants and spectators must be held accountable for their behavior and zero tolerance given for intentional violation of the code of conduct/ethics.


  •  Treat all parties involved with dignity and respect.
  • Use appropriate language, tones, and volume when communicating.  When in doubt, remain silent.
  • Become knowledgeable, understanding and supportive of all established guidelines, rules, policies, and procedures applicable to related programming.
  • Recognize/acknowledge Spring Lake Recreation Department programming as a privilege that can be rescinded for the greater good.

Unfortunately, aggressive behavior is on the rise in recreational programming.  Negative attitudes, verbal abuse of officials, poor sportsmanship, profanity, child predators and violence are casting a negative light in our area.  It is for that reason penalties have been assessed and will be enforced for acts perceived by Spring Lake Recreation as intentional violations.


  •  When an incident occurs at any Spring Lake Recreation activity/event, Spring Lake officials have the authority to institute immediate suspensions.  Spring Lake will offer to escort the offending individual(s) from the facility.  If the offending individual(s) refuse to leave the premises, local authorities will be contacted immediately and asked to enforce the ruling.
  • Individual(s) removed from the facility in this manner will be sent a registered letter stating the violation of policy and the penalty in effect.  The individual(s) will then have forty eight (48) hours from receipt of the letter to respond to Spring Lake Recreation Department with a written appeal.
  • After the written appeal is received, an investigation will be conducted and SLRD will render a final decision within ten (10) working days from receipt of the appeal.
  • A panel consisting of the facility supervisor, program supervisor, immediate supervisory staff, and a department superintendent will conduct the investigation.  During the investigation, the individual(s) will be suspended from all SLRD activities/events/facilities.  Individual(s) requesting the appeal may be asked to appear before an appeal review committee led by the SLRD Director.  This decision will be final.
  • Suspensions of less than ten (10) days cannot be appealed.

It is the SLRD’s sincere desire that situations never warrant the removal of an individual from any activity, event, or facility.  However, it is the department’s obligation to maintain a controlled, safe and healthy atmosphere for everyone.  Recreational activities are designed to foster qualities such as character building, social interaction, enjoyment, and relaxation while educating the general public and promoting healthy lifestyles.  These activities are not designed to be overly competitive and SLRD does not promote this contention.

 OFFENSE & PENALITY (to include but not limited to :)

LEVEL 1 – Standard

 * Offense               

Failure to follow departmental guidelines, rules, policies and procedures as applicable to related programming.  Failure to comply with an SLRD official’s decision; taunting/mocking/harassment of players; disgruntled expressions such as rude gestures or comments, screaming and loudly disagreeing with others or obscene/profane/vulgar language; throwing/kicking/striking of bats, balls and other miscellaneous equipment; unnecessary roughness among participants.


Not necessarily proceeded by a warning…immediate ejection and removal from the premises and a minimum ten (10) day suspension

LEVEL 2 – Verbal


Malicious obsence/profane.vulgar verbal abuse directed towards another individual; verbal epithets related to race, color, religion, creed, gender or sexual orientation; verbal communications of threats, physical violence or acts of insulting another with intention to offend defame or embarrass.


Not necessarily proceeded by a warning…immediate ejection and removal from the premises and a minimum thirty (30) ay suspension.

LEVEL 3 – Physical


Physical aggression towards another; pushing, shoving striking or touching another individual with the perceived intent to incite, inflict or to cause harm; invading another individual’s personal space during a dispute.


Not necessarily proceeded by a warning…immediate ejection and removal from the premises and a minimum of one hundred and eighty (180) day suspension.

LEVEL 4 – Unlawful


Any violation of North Carolina law; possession of fire arms, knives, explosive devises weapons or under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, controlled substances, chemical or drug paraphernalia; assault with or without weapon.


Not necessarily proceeded by a warning…immediate ejection and removal from the premises and a minimum of one (1) year suspension

***PLEASE NOTE:                             

Suspensions will be tracked and monitored.  Individuals who have been suspended will be immediately placed in a probationary status for a period of one (1) year from the date of the offense.  A second offense by the same individual within one (1) year, regardless of nature, will result in the term of the penalty and an extension of probationary period from the date of the second offense.  A third violation by the same individual within one (1) year regardless of nature will void all SLRD privileges indefinably.  Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in legal action. ***