Community Appearance Commission

The Town of Spring Lake Appearance Committee consists of members appointed by the Board of Aldermen to promote stimulus, improving the overall appearance of the community through innovative programs, and recommendations to the Board of Aldermen.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Grady Howard Conference Room of the Municipal Building.

Community Appearance Commission Members:

Laura Hash
429 Wapiti Drive
Spring Lake, NC 28390
(910) 568-3585

Term Exp: 04/30/2017


Dorthy Brown
723 Goodyear Drive
Spring Lake, NC 28390
(910) 497-6730

Term Exp: 02/28/2018

Patricia Van Lowe-Dean
111 A South First Street
Spring Lake, NC 28390
(910) 922-6705

Term Exp: 07/31/2018

Dedra Parker

160 Chapel Hill Road

Spring Lake, NC 28390


Term Exp: 07/30/2019

Torrie Charles
107 Bruce Lane
Spring Lake, NC 28390
(910) 286 - 9387

Term Exp: 07/31/2019





Rhonda Webb

Staff Liaison

PO Box 617/300 Ruth St

Spring Lake, NC 28390

(910) 703 - 8900

Tony Porter

Staff Liaison

Inspections/Code Enforcement

Spring Lake, NC 28390

(910) 436-0241




If you live inside the city limits of Spring Lake and would like to serve on this committee, please complete an application and turn it in to the Town Clerk.

Click here to download application for Appearance Commission

Annual Report  - check out what the Appearance commission has been and plans to do!




Keeping Spring Lake beautiful starts with you!  It doesn't have to be grand. Sometimes it is the things we do each and every day - the things we do in the course of every day life. One of the ways the Appearance Commission helps to encourage the citizens to engage starts with where we live and work.  The "Yard of the Month" program is an outstanding way to get involved.  Everyone wants their yard - be it at home or work - to be well maintained and eye appealing.  Why not be recognized for it? For all the time you spend on the weekends and the evenings making the grounds around where you spend time the best it can be, there is a certificate with your name waiting to be presented to you! Or maybe you have a neighbor who does, tell a member of the commission. For the criteria used to select Yards of the month and related in formation, click here.


In addition to the yards of the month, the Appearance Commission heads up two (2) Town-wide clean ups per year.  One is held in the fall and the other in the spring.  Working with the Town, these two very important events are growing and offer everyone the opportunity to pitch in and make Spring Lake the best it can be. Information on these events are distributed and advertised as they get closer.  It is a great way to grab family and friends and spend a couple hours making a huge impact right here in our community!