household waste


  • Waste Industries is the service provider which handles the household waste for the Town.
  • If you do not have a trash can and need to obtain one, please contact the Revenue Department (910) 703-8912.


  • If you need to report that your household waste has not been picked up or if you need a new trash can because your current one has been damaged, please submit your request via our convenient Public Works Portal or call the Public Works Office at (910) 497-3390 x 1607.


  • Household waste is picked-up once per week.
  • Please place container at the curbside no earlier than 5:00 pm the day before pick-up but no later than 6:00 am on the scheduled day of pick-up.
  • Please remember to remove the container from the curbside no later than twelve (12) hours after pick-up.
  • All items for pick up MUST fit inside the container
  • Please place only refuse (household waste) in the container.
  • NO yard debris, leaves, limbs, recyclables, rocks, sticks or dirt.
  • NO automotive greases or oils.
  • Absolutely NO HOT ashes.
  • NO bundles or bags over eighteen (18) inches in diameter or fifty (50) pounds or too large for one man to lift and no hazardous materials.   


There are certain items that will NOT be picked up as part of household waste. They include:

  • Materials such as car batteries, covered paint cans, fuel tanks, motor oil, hazardous materials, etc.  These items are not acceptable for disposal at a sanitary landfill.
  • Construction/demolition debris, debris generated by a commercial contractor or resulting from clearing and grading - especially no bricks, rock, dirt, etc. 
  • Any debris generated by commercial or for hire maintenance operations will not be picked up.
  • No limbs, stumps or tree trimmings.
  • Hot or live coals or fire. 
  • Garbage, trash or waste not properly placed or stored.
  • Large bulky items such as car bodies, storage buildings, auto or truck tires, etc.
  • Hazardous materials of any type.
  • No recyclable items.
  • No hazardous materials or liquids.
  • No petroleum products.
  • Other materials restricted by Federal, State, County or Town ordinances.


The household waste schedule for the Town is Monday - Thursday of each week. On the map, each day is signified by a color as indicated in the left hand corner of the map. The recycling information is also available.

When a holiday falls on your normal pick-up day, your refuse will be collected the next business day.  All pick-ups, THAT WEEK ONLY, will be one day later.

Waste Industries recognizes the following days as holidays and is subject not to operate on those days:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
Waste Industries Background Information:


The Public Works Department prides itself on providing outstanding service to the residents of Spring Lake. Household waste falls under the Sanitation Department which is under the purview of the Public Works Department. 

  • Maintenance Director: John Kleinert
  • Sanitation Supervisor:David Vandergriff

The Public Works Department can be contacted by phone, mail or fax:

720 Tuscarora Drive
PO Box 617
Spring Lake, NC 28390
phone: (910) 497-3390
fax: (910) 436-1964

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