"A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work." ~General Colin Powell                                                                                                         Who said work had to be all work? LET'S ADD SOME FUN TO THAT WORK!





Download your child's registration form here.


Basketball Season is in FULL SWING!

check out the season's schedules here and be sure to drop in and cheer on our future NBA stars!

If you have questions about registration for upcoming sports or sports currently underway, please call the Rec Department at (910) 436-0011


Remember, you don't have to drive miles or pay lots of money to see a great sports game, you just need to drive one of the players to practice.


RecDesk is online registration and forms, events and everything Recreation! Log-on, create an account and get plugged in!

Use RecDesk to register for athletics and other events transpiring via the Recreation & Parks Department



For convenience of players and parents, a RAIN OUT number has been set up.  In the event of inclement weather, feel free to call the Recreation Department or the RAIN OUT mailbox at (910) 703 - 8926 for up-to-date information pertaining to weather related practices and games. We also post current and up-to-the-moment info on the Town's facebook page as well as send out notifications directly to you via the Town's app. TXT alerts are also available.  Text SPLKREC to 84483 for txt weather updates.



When you are making your valedictorian speech, one of the people you will thank for your success will be your coach.






The success of the Spring Lake Recreation and Parks Department depends greatly on the collaborative efforts of staff, parents and players.  If you would like to help volunteer with your child's team or know someone who would, call Nelson Pate, Program Coordinator at (910) 703 - 8924.



TEAMS DON'T COACH THEMSELVES. and no team ever made it past the first practice without a coach. If you or someone you know have a passion for the game but more importantly, a passion for young people and helping them grow, then we have the opportunity for you! Join the elite group of volunteer coaches in the Spring Lake Recreation League and become a role model for our young people. You won't just be shaping their lives - they will help shape yours! For information on background check, free CPR training and more, please contact Nelson Pate or Sam Jones at (910) 436-0011.




Yesterday, You said tomorrow...


IN THE SPOTLIGHT: All About Fitness.

What better way to get motivated to meet your fitness goals?  Just one of the programs offered by Spring Lake Rec



While you are at the Rec Center: Don't forget to check out the state of the art work out room! New equipment was added and there is something to impress all levels of fitness enthusiasts. It's time to "just do it."



There is ALWAYS something new happening within the Recreation and Parks Department!


CHECK IT OUT: new equipment at Ruth Street Park!




For information pertaining to the Senior Enrichment Center, click here


The Spring Lake Recreation and Parks Department is more than just youth Athletics.   It is a thriving Department committed to the well being and enrichment of the entire community. While sports is a primary focus, the Spring Lake Recreation and Parks Department offers many services which caters to everyone. For more information on many of the activities  and parks not listed on this page, Click here.




The Recreation and Parks Director is responsible for overseeing the entire Recreation and Parks Department for the Town which includes but is not limited to the Community Center, the network of Town park facilities, all recreational activities, the sports coordinated by the Town, inter-local agreements entered into by the Recreation Department, programs run out of the Recreation Department and related facilities, fitness room, budgeting and more.

  • Recreation & Parks Director: Sam Jones
  • Assistant Recreation Director: JC Combs
  • Program Coordinator: Nelson Pate
  • Maintenance Supervisor: Tommy Tatum


The Recreation and Parks Department can be contacted by phone, fax, mail or e-mail.
245 Ruth Street
Spring Lake, NC 28390
Rec phone: (910) 436-0011

Sr. Ctr. phone: (910) 497-7700
fax: (910) 436 - 9163

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