The Town contracts with Waste Industries to provide household trash and recycling service for the Town.    
Your sanitation service fees are accessed on property taxes. The property owner is responsible for paying the fees associated with sanitation. It is not based on setting up or starting a water account. If you are uncertain about this, please contact the owner of the property or call the Revenue Billing Department.    
Sanitation services are provided by the Town via Waste Industries only to those residents living in the city limits of Spring Lake. Some addresses may have a Spring Lake zip code but do not fall inside the city limits.  







If you need to report a missed pick up (trash or recycling) damaged or missing can or need to clarify what day your service is, you can do so in one of the following ways:
1. report it via the app    
2. call (910) 497-3390 (ext 1607  


3. report it via the portal on the website under sanitation    
All schedules and misc. information relating to trash and recycling are posted on the Town's website.    


The Town is divided into four (4) service areas - each serviced by the day of the week.    
-- Household trash is picked up one (1) time per week. It is picked up the same day every week    
-- Recycling is picked up EVERY OTHER WEEK.  It is picked up every other week on the same day as your household trash    
-- Household trash is picked up in the mornings; recycling in the afternoons    
-- Recycling schedules, because it is every other week, takes the 4 routes and makes them 7 as each (except Wednesdays) have an A week and a B week (Wednesdays only have an A week)    
-- if your normal pick up day falls on a holiday recognized by Waste Industries (meaning they offer no service on that day) your service will be one day later. For each holiday, the Town posts the impact of the holiday to Town services. Be sure to check out the information if you have questions.    
-- Below are the service maps AND schedules for trash and recycling for your convenience. Again, these are posted on the Town's website if you need printable versions    


please note when reading the maps the dots indicate the service areas and locations. the maps may not be 100% inclusive but give an indication of the service AREA. when determining your day of the week use the general location of your address as compared to the bulk of the dots. If you are uncertain, please call for assistance.    


General Trash:

Monday Recycling:

Tuesday Recycling:

Wednesday Recycling:

Thursday Recycling:


Monday A Week:

Monday B Week:

Tuesday A Week:

Tuesday B Week:

Wednesday A Week:

Thursday A Week:

Thursday B Week: