water sewer operations


The Town of Spring Lake’s Water Resources unit is responsible for performing system maintenance on the Town’s water distribution System and providing an adequate clean safe water supply to the Town of Spring Lake and the surrounding communities. It is also the goal of this department is to provide quality service, expand and maintain a wastewater system that will be sanitary and adequate through an effective construction and maintenance program.


The water system consists of five different sectors.  These sectors have a total of over 96 miles of water mains and provide water services to approximately 9000 people in Spring Lake and Cumberland County.


This is to provide preventative maintenance to all sewer mains within the system.  Cleaning and maintaining the collection lines as well as right-a–ways. Other tasks performed are the installation and replacement of service laterals for some industrial and residential use, performing pinpoint repairs as needed. Finally creating and maintaining a (FOG) Fats, Oils and Grease program to decrease the amount of SSO (Sanitary Sewer Overflows) in the system. 




The Water Sewer Operations Department falls under the guidance of the Water Resources Manager, Tim Garner.

  • Water Resources Manager: Tim Garner
  • Interim Water & Sewer Super.: Chad Matthews

The Water Sewer Division can be reached by phone, fax, e-mail and mail.
720 Tuscarora Drive
300 Ruth Street
PO Box 617
Spring Lake, NC 28390
phone: (910) 497-3390
fax: (910) 436 - 1964

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After-hours support is available 24 hours a day for service should you have any trouble.  It can be reached by dialing (910) 237-9853.  This number should only be used after normal business hours, weekends and holidays for water and sewer emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day.